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Topic: new soundcard after numerous problems. help please.

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    Question new soundcard after numerous problems. help please.

    after having numerous problems with my terratec ewx 24/96 (random resets), it seems they were caused by terratec drivers. so i have decided it is time to buy a better card. after doing a lot of research, i have come up with the following. but there are some basic things i have not been able to find out about each. to me, they all seem like very good cards but i am not clear on a few things.

    1. do all allow me to listen to music via winamp, or watch videos using media player and dvds via powerdvd? i ask because toms hardware says that the E-Mu 1820 does not. which seems a bit strange, as i thought the wdm drivers allow for this?

    2. will i still be able to play guitar and preview cubase effects in real-time (as i can with ewx ASIO)?

    3. will they all work with my system - or i should say, does anyone have experience with any of these in a similar system to mine?

    in terms of price i would go for the echo gina 3g, but i am not sure if it has the same type of robust drivers the rme cards are known for? that is, is it worth purchasing the HDSP9632 at quite a greater cost than the gina 3g? i don't require any more than 2x 1/4 or 1x XLR mic input. all i really require is to be able to get the mic sound of the guitar in. also, i was reasonably happy with the sound quality of the ewx, and if the resets didn't occur i would not be looking for a replacement. so my main focus is driver quality/stability. i am not sure about the stability of the gina 3g drivers, but from what i hear about other echo cards, it should be pretty stable?

    also, other IO i need: midi in/out and optical out that can send the original signal passthrough (e.g. ac3 or dts to external amp). also i need 2xRCA out or 2x1/4 out that i can connect to the amp my monitors are connected to.

    so, basically i have narrowed it down to these cards that seem to satisfy what i need done, but am not too sure on their real world performance apart from browsing a few forums and reviews. from my research, in order of best to worst i would put them as below. (i've only listed the features of the card that i require, so if there are 6 inputs missing here and there, that's why )

    1. HDSP9632

    2. GINA 3G
    INPUT:XLR MIC or 1/4

    3. EMU 1820
    OUTPUT:2 x 1/4
    INPUT:2 x 1/4 / XLR MIC
    MIDI: yes
    "Some users will be irritated by the impossibility of using the E-MU card for games, and for DVDs, the E-MU 1820 can only play back those with stereo sound. So the only solution for games and DVDs with surround sound is to install a second sound card."

    4. EDIROL UA-25 USB
    INPUT:XLR MIC or 1/4

    Windows XP SP2
    P4 3.2Ghz
    Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
    4x512mb Kingston PC2100 RAM
    2xSATA 120gb HDs
    2xUltraATA133 80gb HDs
    Hercules Geforce2 MX
    Cubase SX 2

    this is not a small purchase for me and after the headaches from the ewx any feedback and suggestions are worth more than you can imagine, no matter how small. so thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: new soundcard after numerous problems. help please.

    I can only comment on stuff Ive used and am familiar with.

    I used to use the Gina. I have lately used a Delta 1010 until just days ago getting RME HDSP9632.

    The RME sounds considerably better than the Delta or Gina. There is more dimension to the sound and the highs are much cleaner. It gets you that much closer to the sound of professional recordings than the other two.

    It all depends on what you can afford and what level of quality you need. Ive found that you generally get what you pay for.

    Ive also heard the Lynx soundcards and they are also on par with RME. I would have gone with Lynx actually but they do not support the GigaStudio driver at this point.

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    Re: new soundcard after numerous problems. help please.

    I can also comment on cards that I've used. I've had a couple Echo cards (Layla and Gina), and their drivers are good, very stable. M-Audio's cards also have excellent drivers, I've had an Audiophile and a Delta 1010.

    Currently I have an ESI Wami Rack 192X and recommend that you take a look at it also. It has super low latency drivers, high end converters, and sounds great. It also has complex on board audio routing, letting you run 8 channels of Gigastudio directly into your DAW (I use Sonar). What I'm worried about with the Wami Rack is that we're not sure if they're going to update the drivers to support GSIF2. I'm hoping that with enough people asking for it they'll support it.

    One question about your pc setup.. why are you only running PC2100 memory? You have nice components, but with that board I'd think you'd want to run PC3200.

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    Re: new soundcard after numerous problems. help please.

    The LynxTWO and others DO support the GSIF2 format now. I have a LynxTWO and it works perfectly.


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