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Topic: Debussy/Ravel - Danse

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    Debussy/Ravel - Danse

    Hi Folks- Here's a work from my pre-GPO days. I used Garritan Orchestra Strings, Quantum Leap Brass, XSample woods, and Ultimate Percussion, and the work is the Debussy Danse, as orchestrated by Ravel. I started a project of re-rendering it completely GPO, but was not satisfied with the results (my fault, not GPO's). Therefore I've remastered it adding some GPO elements including some woods, strings and pizz, and present it to you.

    Here's the link: http://www.classicalmidiresource.com...t/dansevbr.mp3

    What do you think?


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    Re: Debussy/Ravel - Danse

    Wow, and I thought this was some of my best work. Maybe I need to reevaluate that thought.

    Do I need to post only pure GPO for an opine?


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    Senior Member squoze's Avatar
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    Re: Debussy/Ravel - Danse

    Well, I enjoyed it. Sounded real to me.
    Its obivious this took a lot of work, I think its great, your orchestration of such a energetic and dynamic peice as this. I haven't heard many fast phrases that are in this orchestrated this well, if at all.
    As far as the lack of comments, I didn't see this post until today. As you may know, some forum folks only listen and comment on original stuff, which is fine. Also, I guess some folks are more interested on 100% (or close) GPO, which is OK, too.
    And there's just so much time in a day for some people to listen and comment on the work presented here.
    I'm sure many have listened without posting a commment.
    So I say keep up the good work and thanks for posting it here.
    The way I see it, there are two skills that can be involved in creating the music posted here: 1. composing and 2. creating the virtual performance.
    I have a lot to learn (maybe too much) before I can compose anything that sounds good to trained listeners, but I do enjoy the technical challenge of making a score or midi file come to life.
    You have done a commendable job, IMHO, of doing the second, so bravo!
    I'm very impressed.


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    Re: Debussy/Ravel - Danse

    Man that's a ton of work... gooood job!

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    Thumbs up Re: Debussy/Ravel - Danse

    As a big fan of both composers you complimented their work quite nicely. The subtle nuances and flavorful embellishments are executed as nicely as any live performance. Dynamics are definitely Debusy and Ravel! Love the percussion (naturally).
    Absolutely masterful work! Pat on the back time.

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    Re: Debussy/Ravel - Danse

    All I can say is, "WOW!"

    This is a VERY nicely done piece. Very lifelike... You did a great job on this one!


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    Thumbs up Re: Debussy/Ravel - Danse

    Very good Steve! The brass needs a little more bite I think, do you use the overlays?

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    Re: Debussy/Ravel - Danse

    Hi All - Thanks

    Falcon, valid point. I experimented with more bite on the brass, especially the horn solo @ 259, but it sounded all out-of-balance to me. I tried the GPO overlays and even a cuivré sample from XSample on the Giga side in the mix, and it so overpowered the other instruments as to be distracting.

    Most of the samples I have are of bigger horns like the doubles. Maybe if I had samples of a smaller bore horn like a Paxman or an Alexander, I could come by some nice bite without all the FF blaring.

    Thank you so much for the constructive feedback, it's what I'm in need of most (though, I'm partial to the positive feedback as well ).


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    Re: Debussy/Ravel - Danse

    Very nice. One very small change I'd suggest - have the overall volume just a touch higher. I know, it's a quiet piece, but I found myself turning up the volume while listening.

    Loud or soft, it is very well done.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Debussy/Ravel - Danse

    Debussy at his best and you captured it beautifully.

    Paul O
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