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Topic: Help?

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    About 5 years ago I became aware of two works by Debussy that later had been orchestrated by Maurice Ravel. They were Danse and Sarabande. Once I heard them, I set out on a quest to obtain the scores to fulfill my desire to "conduct" these works to see if I could elicit a similar emotional response that I'd felt hearing them for the first time. I'd be the conductor, and I would have the last say in how they sounded.

    I did indeed find the score to Danse and rendered it - it was light and fun to do, with a smallish orchestra and some exciting rhythms. However, the work that really put the choke on me is the Sarabande - it really affects me every time I hear it. Well, no matter where I look, US websites, French websites, wherever, I cannot seem to find the score. You'd think I could get it from the same folk who supplied me with its partner, but when I asked, you'd think they all looked at me like I had lobsters growing out of my ears!! <SIGH>

    If anyone on this forum of talented folk has an idea where I can obtain the complete orchestral score to Sarabande, written by Claude Debussy, as orchestrated by Maurice Ravel, please drop me an email @ timeframesm@charter.net.


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    Re: Help?

    Hi Steve, for kicks, I did a google search for...
    "orchestral score to Sarabande written by Claude Debussy, as orchestrated by Maurice Ravel"

    Google found a site with Ravel's name and Sarabande, but there's alot to read, you may find something.

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