Hi everyone.

I've just joined this forum. Very impressive. Forgive me if a similar topic has already been posted. I had a brief look at most of the pages and didn't see anything, so here goes!

This posting is for anyone using protools (PT) and of course, the GPO. When I first tried using GPO Studio with Sibelius on my G4 powerbook 1GHz 1Gb, the results were very dissapointing - somewhat of a delay, and a lot of crackling etc. Then I remembered that GPO supports RTAS, the standard used by PT. So, I set up a session in PT LE, loaded a GPO kontakt player, and started fiddling with the samples. I started out using the PT midi editor, which cannot even come close to being compared to a notation editor (like Sibelius). I then went back to Sibeleus, took a look at the devices, and noticed 4 PT outputs!

What I now have is the following:

I compose exclusively in Sibelius. I route the midi to PT (bye bye kontakt silver). In PT, I have a GPO kontakt player with the necessary samples loaded. Well, what a winning combination!!! I have no delays, no nasty pops and cracks, and another absolute bonus - I can use all my cool PT and t-racks plug-ins for effects and processors like reverb (if you use the dry GPO samples), and compression, equilization etc. It sounds top class!

This is how it's done:
In Sibelius's devices, output to one of the 4 PT channels (I think that you must use Mac OSX Midi).
In PT, create an aux track, load a GPO/kontakt player - turn this track's gain/output fader up to 0.0db (I always forget this one - $%#!).
Load your samples.
NB! adjust the volume for each sample now - fiddle with the modulation wheel for each sample.
Create midi tracks for each stave/instrument in Sibelius.
Route each midi track (via the track's input and output buttons) so that it maps an incoming PT channel to a kontakt channel - you should see 16 of each of them.
NB! Shift click each midi channel's record enable (so that it will receive incoming midi instructions from Sibelius)

and viola!

Rendering to mp3/aiff/...
Now, once you are happy with your composition, you can record the midi from Sibelius by hitting the PT record-play buttons (after starting the piece in Sibelius of course). Stop when you're done. Then you can bounce to disk. PT will playback exactly the way it sounded when first composing through Sibelius - it records everything (I think).

One problem I found is that when listening to the composition and stopping it (from within Sibelius), the midi note off instructions don't always get through to PT, so the last played notes keep on sounding. No problem - just hit "shift O" in Sibelius. PT also has a key combo for this.

Other things to look at:

I use an MBox with PT LE - I'm sure that this will work with other PT hardware.

If you need more than 8 samples, create another aux track, load another GPO etc.

You may have to adjust the latency in protools - I set mine to 1024 samples.

I'm sure that this combination can also be use with Finale (if it can talk to PT) and other notation editors.

To record dynamics etc. (I haven't done this yet), I'm sure that it wouldn't be a problem to create additional midi tracks (one or more for each instrument), record the modulation and/or pedal action, and then route it to the appropriate track, in order to render the dynamics correctly. Of course, you will only do this once you have recorded the midi into protools. The bonus of course is that you only have to concentrate on the pedal and modulation/volume - the notes have already being recorded

I haven't checked all the articulations and dynamics that Sibelius supports, but I already know that some of them do translate through to protools.

I have a feeling that everything that you're supposed to be able to do with the Sibelius-GPO Studio combination can be done in the above described setup, and done even better!

I hope that this will help some of you out there that are using this particular setup.