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Topic: FCC sucks part 2

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    FCC sucks part 2

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    well fellow composers slap you head in disbelief . the FCC actually got complaints about thr airing of saving private ryan.
    does anyone know what a remote control is? it had clear warnings on it in each commercial break i guess people can't read as well.

    from broadcasting and cableissing Private Ryan

    By John Eggerton --Broadcasting & Cable, 11/12/2004 12:30:00 PM

    The Federal Communications Commission said Friday that it had already received multiple complaints about ABC's airing of Saving Private Ryan, which included a bunch of "F-words" and incredibly graphic violence.
    A couple of dozen ABC affiliates pre-empted the show, saying that the FCC's indecency crackdown had made it too risky to air.

    Ironically, although they feared such complaints and the potential threat to their licenses, they also needed at least one complaint so that the FCC can now say whether they can air it in the future (ABC scheduled it as a Veterans' Day tribute, as well as a sweeps special). Most had aired it twice before, but that was before the commission began cracking down on profanity.

    The FCC couldn't or wouldn't say whether any of the complaints had come from the stations who had preempted the show. Some stations had asked the FCC to pre-clear the show, but as Michael Powell pointed out when the FCC was asked to rule on Sinclair's John Kerry special beforehand, that would be illegal prior restraint.

    Now that the complaints have been lodged, the FCC's enforcement bureau will review them to determine whether there was any violation of the FCC's new, tougher, enforcement standard.

    "This just highlights the dilemma local broadcasters are facing given the FCC's recent crackdown on indecency, " said NAB spokesman Dennis Wharton.

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    Re: FCC sucks part 2

    Sounds like another instance of the government deciding what is right for me and my family. I hate that crap. Of course, your average American allowed this to happen by allowing the government to enter their lives over other issues (such as teaching my child about , telling me how to discipline her, slowly breaching our first amendment rights of free speech, etc. etc.) Eh, where's it going to end? By the time Joe America realizes what's going on, it'll be too late and you won't be able to take a morning dump without asking your local congressman for permission.

    Hello, America, if you don't like it, don't watch it. Isn't it easier to turn off the d### TV and do something productive anyway? Read a book for God's sake.

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    Re: FCC sucks part 2

    That people complained to the FCC doesn't make the FCC a bad actor. The problem is the people who are trying to wield the FCC as their personal stick.

    Sure, the FCC will respond to the complaints - it's good to be responsive. Let's judge the FCC on the actions they take at that meeting.

    Personally, I don't have any idea how they will respond. They have both moralists and libertarians in their base. Somebody will go home sad.

    One question: were the f-words incidental - like part of the foley on D-Day - or were the f-words part of the script for the main characters? And were they bleeped? I think that they should have been for primetime network TV.

    It's not like I'm a prude. I had recorded Breakfast Club on the TiVo, planning to show it to my kids. My wife and I "previewed it" and found that all of the offensive language was dubbed over. And it sucked. The whole soul of that pirture was ruined. We went to the video store, rented the uncensored version and showed that to the kids (12, 14 & 17). All moral parents should refuse to let their children see the cuss-word-free version of Breakfast Club. It's offensive!

    Though I haven't seen Private Ryan since it first came out. I would think that it would still play well with a modified soundtrack during the f-words. A few "fuh"s would get the point across without being blatant.


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    Re: FCC sucks part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    The problem is the people who are trying to wield the FCC as their personal stick.
    The problem is that there is a stick to wield in the first place.

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    Re: FCC sucks part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Brady Wright
    The problem is that there is a stick to wield in the first place.
    If you mean that there should be zero regulation I couldn't disagree more. I work in the Consumer Electronics industry. We often wait for the standards and regulations before we build product. In other words, we make more ans better products in a regulated environment than an unpredictable one.

    Imagine the highways and skies totally without regulation. Wanna buy a car? Wanna fly? I wouldn't.

    The challenge is that we have to fight the continuous battle to keep our regulations balanced between anarchy and bureacracy hell. That's the role of the politician and the vocal constituent. To continually work to keep things in balance. Sure, the system is flawed, just as humans are flawed, but that's the way the world works.

    If you can come up with ways to keep a dynamic balance that is better than the political craziness we have today, that's great, but zero regulation is not a viable solution.


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    Re: FCC sucks part 2


    I love ya man, but I have to disagree since my problem with them isn't the regulations per se, but the type of regulations and enforcement. Disclaimers, warnings, V Chips (consumer activated) are types of regulations that I don't mind. However, I don't need the FCC policing the airwaves when there have been ample warnings beforehand as to the content of the show. I would not let my 3 year old daughter watch Saving Private Ryan due to the subject matter and if your common American cannot make this decision without governmental help, then there's something wrong. Why is Saving Private Ryan any different from the filth that airs on just about every channel in the prime time slots? It seems open sexual innuendo and mildly dirty language is okay? That seems a little warped to me. The only time I take offense to such things is when there are no disclaimers and when such language/behavior is on a television show directly marketed to young audiences. If Spongebob let slip the 'F' word, sure I'd be a bit miffed. But rightly so. As long as there are ample disclaimers used at the networks discretion, I see no problem. However, when the FCC brings out the billy club to personally protect my family from obscene language, it rubs me the wrong way. I prefer a layed back method of protection in which the signs are there and it is left to my better judgement to obey them. I can protect my own family from the sins of the earth, so let me. And while I'm at it, I'm also an adult, and should be treated as such. So give me the blood and guts when I wish to see them.

    I'm done.

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    Re: FCC sucks part 2

    I'm not saying there should be zero regulations. But I do think if we decide that certain regulation has to exist to protect our rights, then the scope of the regulator's mandate should be strictly limited only to that.

    When it becomes a "stick" to be wielded by whomever has the power is when the scope of that mandate is not clearly defined and properly limited.

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    Re: FCC sucks part 2


    I understand where you're coming from. We worship war and guns but have to cover the breast of a statue at the Justice Department. We live in strange times.

    Keep in mind that the FCC has not taken any action yet, so it's premature to damn them. It's good that they will respond to the complaints - heck, we want companies to respond to complaints, even if it turns out to be user error. I just heard a report on NPR from a guy at Hollywood Reporter. His take is that since the film has aired twice before without fines that he would be *very* surprised if the FCC fines the broadcasters this time around.

    We will have to wait to see if the FCC earns our praise or damnation, and if the rule of avoiding "prior restraint" is helpful or hurtful in this instance.


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    Re: FCC sucks part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    One question: were the f-words incidental - like part of the foley on D-Day - or were the f-words part of the script for the main characters? And were they bleeped? I think that they should have been for primetime network TV.

    no the f- words are there and can't be bleeped as per license agreement.
    but there are warning slates after each commercial break.

    its graphic - that is the 1st 30 minutes of the d-day invasion.
    a few f words but mostly in the fighting and bodies being blown up etc. but according to those that have been there its very realistic. the theme of the movie is more about valor and heroism .a few f words is no biggie in this context. but i am sure any parent would not want his kid watching it.
    the FCC is creating a atmospere of "big brother" when it decides to come with these idiot contradictory guidlines thus having a chiiling effect on station owners to paranoid of being made a example of.

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    Re: FCC sucks part 2

    Whatever happened to just putting shows with "adult" language and situations on later--at 10:00 or so, instead of prime time. Wouldn't that have resolved the entire issue of a few F-words?

    And it seems strange, regardless: about a month ago I watched a reality show in which the contestants bit into and spat out raw cow eyes in a pasture, surrounded by cows. At 8:00 pm. How on earth can they show that kind of stuff at all? If ever there was indecency, that was it.

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