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Topic: SAGE converter (need help, ..)

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    SAGE converter (need help, ..)

    Hi Spectrum and others,

    I did convert all my Spectrasonics Groove Control libraries (have all,...) into EXS.

    Is it necessary to reconvert it with the SAGE converter or can I save some time somehow (I am lazy ;-))!

    thank you very much for your help!


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    Re: SAGE converter (need help, ..)

    Yes, you'll have to use the SAGE converter to import the GC libraries into Stylus RMX.


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    Re: SAGE converter (need help, ..)

    thx but can I just convert the files or do I have to convert the hole CDs after another?

    cheers, imusic

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    Re: SAGE converter (need help, ..)

    It's a semi-automated process, so you have to insert the CD-Rom and it will convert the entire CD-Rom. Akai and Roland format only..

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