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Topic: GS3 50$-upgrade in EU

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    Cool GS3 50$-upgrade in EU

    How do you guys in EU order your promised 50$ upgrades?
    The only option I see is Tascam's online store where they want to charge me 50$ for the upgrade and 100$ for shipping to Poland

    Any ideas please?

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    Re: GS3 50$-upgrade in EU

    You should mail your Tascam distributor for Poland, but the 50$ is available only on Tascam site, I think.
    Shipment was 60$ for me in France.

    100$ seems a bit abusive to me... but take care of the $/Euro rate (plus import taxes).

    Plus, I got the 3.1 and the registering process was simple.


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    Re: GS3 50$-upgrade in EU

    Hello Abel,
    I ordered the 50 dollar upgrade GS3 ensemble version via Tascam US. I also payed 60 dollar shiping costs. But be aware of the import taxes you may have to pay. I had to pay (unexpected) import taxes for the full retail price of 369 dollars (that was the invoice on the outside of the box). so I also had to pay 75 euros for taxes.
    If you order the 50 dollar upgrade GS3 Orchestra version, you risk having to pay import taxes for the full retail price of 599 dollars. And thats a lot....

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    Re: GS3 50$-upgrade in EU

    75 Euro for taxes ?

    It looks weird...

    I only paid 18,02 Euro ... (Through UPS reception)

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    Los Angeles, California

    Re: GS3 50$-upgrade in EU

    ...and they're probably going to charge tax for this insane 100$ shipping as well (we've got 22%)

    so if I'm not mistaken, I might have to pay some 300$ (upgrade+shipping+tax for GS Orchestra) for "50$" upgrade???

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    Re: GS3 50$-upgrade in EU

    This isn't only a Euro-problem. It affects Canadians and I suspect almost everyone living outside of the Contintental US. The problem is this:


    When shipping outside the US, UPS is the WORST company for charging every possible conceivable fee in the book: brokerage, postage, border, handling, and charging taxes on every one of these fees, on top of the national and regional sales taxes on the declared value. I once ordered a software upgrade from Emagic that cost me within $50 of the street price because of these additional fees.

    I think there's a larger issue here: since we are paying for licences, shouldn't the declared value be the physical value of the shipment: a box, a few DVD's and some documentation? I don't own the software, it says so in every EULA. So how can the value of the physical entity be charged according to the licencing fees? Can I resell the software? Can I modify the software? Obviously not. So how is it that I'm being charged by the transport company on this value? I am paying to be allowed to USE the intellectual property. The actual value of the shipment should be around $10-20 US at best.

    Regardless, bottom line is that Tascam should offer alternate shipment methods and cease to be US-centric in their shipping policies. It's interesting that there's no support link for Tascam's online shop; you'd figure since there's no upgrade available from retailers, they'd have staff to handle purchase requests. I've cancelled my upgrade for GS3 pending some answers to these questions that I've sent to general customer support. I advise you all to write to them and let them know this is an issue.


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