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Topic: New from FireGS: Away in a Manger

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    New from FireGS: Away in a Manger

    Hey guys,

    Since so many of you liked my version of Silent Night, i decided to do another Christmas song, Away in a Manger!


    I used a Piano, an English Horn Duet, a Bass Flute Duet, a Cello Ensambles, and a Full String Ensambles.

    Hope you like it!


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    Ah yes, Away in a Manger. Sweet!

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    Re: New from FireGS: Away in a Manger

    Hi FireGS,

    As Styxx said “sweet.” The overall concept is quite nice, what with the piano arpeggios and simple harmonies with the horns. It sounds quite nice for a rough sequence to see if all the notes are in order, and if this is what you had in mind leave it alone. But it’s good enough that, if you don’t mind, some performance improvements might be suggested.

    The biggest improvement would be to let the piece breathe, and please let that poor English horn player breathe. As you go through the piece think of the phrasing. Imagine you are sitting in a chair holding a small child and singing her to sleep. When will you breathe? Feel how it is natural to retard slightly at the ends of phrases. Now reflect this in your sequence by adjusting tempos and note lengths to match your natural instincts while singing the piece.

    There are perhaps other things you might do to improve this, but if you only do the above things you will be surprised how much life you can BREATHE into it. There is one most important thing you can do when performing a piece of music and that is to, as the old song says, "Sing, sing, sing, sing."

    Best of luck,


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    Re: New from FireGS: Away in a Manger

    I have nothing to add to Karl's comments on improving the piece, but I'll just say that it was lovely in its current state. Great work!

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    Re: New from FireGS: Away in a Manger

    Now yer showin' off! Great job...it will be a pleasure to hear from you in the future! Keep up the great work!
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