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Topic: White Grand in Kontakt

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    White Grand in Kontakt

    Well I posted this in "Kontakt" but it was buried so I thought I'd try here. WG shows default reserved voices of 256 but I can't get more than 64. Apparently Kontakt does not mask repeated notes etc., so, with the pedal down, the polyphony gets chewed up quickly.

    So, how can I set it to use all 256 voices? Can't quite figure it out. This is a Kontakt settings thing. CPU is fine.

    Michael Telle

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    Re: White Grand in Kontakt

    Seems like there's some limitation regarding DFD.
    Even if the polıphony is set to 256 in the Voice Group, yoiu have another value in DFD, "reserved voices". Could this be the problem?

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: White Grand in Kontakt

    Yep, that's the problem all right. I wonder why Kontakt won't let me change it? 64 voices doesn't seem like that much these days.

    Michael Telle
    Bay Area

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