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Topic: Sampled Pitch-Bends for new instrument in Kontakt?

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    Sampled Pitch-Bends for new instrument in Kontakt?

    Hey guys,

    I have the samples for a Dobro, and it has sustained notes, and bend ups and bend downs. I want to know how i can make all these into one useable instrument.


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    Re: Sampled Pitch-Bends for new instrument in Kontakt?

    Here's what I'd do.

    First, load the standard sutain patches in one group based on pitch.

    Next, create another group for the up bends. Place them in there based on pitch. Next click on Group Options in the first filter menu, and then set a start option for those up bends based on a controller or keyswitch.

    Next, rinse and repeat for the down bends.

    If you have multiple pitch bends (up & down) with varying slide value differences (based on slide interval) I would use controllers so that you can have realistic slides based on different midi controller values.

    That's just what I would do. If you need further detailed instruction, I can help later when I get off work.

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    Re: Sampled Pitch-Bends for new instrument in Kontakt?

    Oh and if you want to go the keyswitching route, you'll enter a starting and ending pitch in the group option. This will apply to the whole group. I would recommend a keyswitch pitch being on an easy to remember note one octave below the sampled range of the instrument, something like C2 for regular sustains, D2 for up bends, and E2 for downbends.

    I forgot to mention that if you use keyswitches for this type of thing (articulation control) to make sure you enter a keyswitch start option for the sustain group as well or you won't be able to switch back to them.

    Now that I think about it you'll need to do this for a controller as well. For example: Group start option for the sustains would be controller 20 = 0. Group start option for up bends would be controller 20 = 64-127. Group start for down bends would be controller 20 = 1-63. That way you can turn off the sample switching by sending a controller value of 0, this would switch you back to the regular sustain samples.

    I'm just probably confusing you even more.

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