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Topic: New MOTU PCI-424 Drivers: v3.65

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    New MOTU PCI-424 Drivers: v3.65

    For MOTU PCI-424 card users, MOTU has released Version 3.65 drivers.

    PCI-424 Audio Drivers for Windows
    Date: 2004-11-11
    Language: english
    Version: 3.65


    These definitely have GSIF 2.0 drivers (I think v3.64 did as well).

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    Re: New MOTU PCI-424 Drivers: v3.65

    Damn it's only for the 424 card, not the 324 card, I have had funny things with 3.64 in giga 3.0.. Sounds like a funny flanging thing... Hmmm oh well maybe it's in the works still...

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