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Topic: Best manual/tutorial/guide - GSO/Sonar4

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    Best manual/tutorial/guide - GSO/Sonar4

    I'm looking for the best manual/tutorials/guide. I compose orchestral and chamber scores in Sibelius save them as MIDI files then open Sonar 4 (studio) as my sequencer in Gigastudio and want to create the best performance. I work on one PC so most of my pieces won't work in real time but will have to be built up a few tracks a t a time. I don't use a MIDI keyboard and am not MIDI savvy.

    I realise there won't be one guide to cover the lot but with the above in mind any recomendations for the best guide or possibly guides.

    Mant thanks
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    Re: Best manual/tutorial/guide - GSO/Sonar4

    GigaStudio 3
    - the two manuals

    - the GS2.5 GigaMastery course (Tascam is supposed to release a GS3 version of this sometime, but I don't know when)

    - there are a few GS2 tutorials that are good:

    - Cakewalk and GigaStudio
    - Getcha Goin Guide
    - Configuring Giga with a Sequencer

    Sonar 4
    - the manual

    - Sonar 4 books

    Sonar 4 Ignite

    Sonar 4 Power

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