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Topic: VST Plugin latency

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    Question VST Plugin latency

    How do I lower the VST Plugin latency??? Right now it says 21 ms. That is way to high!! Has someone ever tried this?

    I love the Waves Impulses. Unfortunately you can not import them into GigaPulse....

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    Lightbulb Re: VST Plugin latency


    I've also noticed, probably just like you, that after inserting a VST fx, latency suddenly became noticable while playing GS3 directly using a controller.

    As far as I know, you can only lower VST latency in GS3 by lowering the overall latency of your audio card's driver in its respective configuration panel.

    In GS3 I can set my RME HDSP9632 as low as 1.5 msec without any glitches. Kontakt couldn't keep up with this setting (had to use >6ms), so GS3 really takes this card to the edge. At 1.5 ms, VST latency also lowers to an acceptable level (~6ms from memory). Just find out how low you can go.


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    Re: VST Plugin latency

    Thanks Rob for your tip. Now I have a new problem :-) My RME is the old 96/32. The lowest setting is 256 ;-(

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