Running GPO w/Sibelius:
I set up my own orchestra in Players 1-7: WW in 1, Brass in 2, etc.
I save it as Basic Setup. The save seems to last about a week, & then
won't load. I have to set it up again from scratch.(?)
I load only dry instruments. When I start playback in Sibelius the volume
blasts, even at MF and below.
I did this with pre-existing scores to begin with, then tried a new one.
Same result. Too much volume.
Checking the Players shows the dB settings have jumped into the positive
numbers.(?) I reset the dB & save the player in VST,then save the Basic Setup again,but it doesn't help.
Could I have a bad install? Could I just not grab how to do this?
- Later:
It's doing the volume dB reset thing constantly. I can't use the program
in this condition.I'm thinking uninstall/reinstall because I don't know what else to do.