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Topic: Some ambient FX embedded in Gigapulse ?

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    Some ambient FX embedded in Gigapulse ?

    I can clearly hear some ambient FX (like some sort of chair noises or other noises we hear in a live concert hall) (some thing like the Garitan orchestral ambient FX) through a Gigapulse patch I used in a piano piece.

    Did you ever heard that ?

    I’m very surprise.

    I didn’t believe it the first time I listened my track...

    It really gives a realistic sound...

    How do they do that ?

    Is it embedded in the IR like an aleatory FX ? From which parameters ? Duration ? Keys, or spectral combination ?

    Here a link to let you hear what I’m talking about :
    The piano is the wet B290 16 layers-extra release patch from PMI Bos290.
    The impulse is the 0003-Medium Hall (7ch-18p).fxp, like it is, without any tweaking.

    Tel me were you hear those FX. (Just to verify I’m not mad...)

    Gabriel P.

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    Re: Some ambient FX embedded in Gigapulse ?

    Ok, I found the trick.

    After several testes I found that it’s not Gigapulse, but the Bos290.

    I tried several patches, there is only the wet B290 16 layers-extra release which gives some ambient noises FX. through some layers... We can hear them without Gigapulse...

    I always use this patch, but I never noticed that !

    Sory sory !

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