I've been using a Behringer Ultrafex II for about 8 years as a 'last in the line' processor that sits directly infront of the DAT. I've been trying to shake it off for years, but keep coming back to it as it has one of those pseudo surround knobs that brings everything to life for me. I've recently bought some Adam P22A monitors and whilst I always thought that the Behringer would be kicking out a ton of noise, I hadn't realised truly how much it was until hearing it through the new monitors. I know that there are numerous plug-ins that do the same thing, but I need it to be outboard as I still use my Emus that only have analog outs into my O2R. What I'm looking for is a Digital unit that will do the same trick as the Behringer.
As an alternative - does anyone own the TC Unity Board option for the O2R and if so does it have anything like what I've described?