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Topic: Holy MOLy!

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    Talking Holy MOLy!

    I’ve been meaning to post this but haven’t had time until now.

    I just thought I would share what I think was a rather unusual and amusing experience while Installing Giga3. Now, I am not exactly a computer novice as I have been hacking on computers since…well…64k was a lot of RAM . I have built them, sold them, fixed them, and programmed them for many years now. I have 2 identical machines P4EE 3.2 GHz, 2 gigs Ram, (2) 250 gig hard drives, yadda yadda… When Echo released the beta drivers for GSIF2, I figured I’d install the puppy. Install new Echo drivers – Check! Install MOL CP – Check! Install Giga3 – Check! Register and activate Giga3 – Check???? CHECK!!! (the first time and no problems-instant email response). Load Giga piano and click the little keyboard to see if sound works – Check! I’m in business! I fire up Sonar 4 PE set my midi out to net port 1, jam on keyboard – che..err..hmm . No midi light firing on Giga ports. I.p. address is correct in MolCP. What gives? Ok, shut down Zone Alarm firewall on both machines – no dice. Ok, bring out my nasty hacking tools to check net status: ping – echo, ping –echo. Hmm. Hack my own firewalls? Ok. still nothing. To make a long story short, Zone Alarm usually requests access to the internet (or network) for each program the first time it is run. It didn’t access the net, so no confirmation was requested. So, having rather embarrassed myself, I manually cleared access in Zone Alarm for Sonar4 on machine 1 and Giga on machine 2. Doh! Patches 3.01 to 3.03 went fine. I tweaked memory with the last patch and it has been solid from day 1. Not one crash (except when I loaded a saved Gsi with an embedded GP…a no no anyway). I got the Emperor running with 4 instances of GP – PU, PD, Body, and a nice little room, maxed poly…works great! The only problem I have yet encountered was my own error so this thing works, you just have to play with it (like everything else). Now let’s have some smoking new libraries for the thing!

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    Re: Holy MOLy!

    Are you running GS3 as a firewire client? If so, turning off that feature in GS3 may solve your problem. It did for me.

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