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Topic: For 2112...

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    For 2112...

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    Just listened to some Rush radio. Great stuff. A lot of it was outstanding. These guys are some great musicians. My question to you is, what CD's can you recommend for a newb.

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    Re: For 2112...

    Ok. Seeings as Frank from Bela D recommended this one also, then I shall pick it up while I'm out today. 2112 will just have to give me his recommendations later.

    And besides, that title is the same as a fav. Terry Pratchett book of mine. I guess great minds do indeed think alike.

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    Re: For 2112...

    rush went thru a few style changes.
    start with all the worlds a stage( live recording) then get the next 5 or so albums .

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    Re: For 2112...

    Good morning!

    Can't go wrong with Moving Pictures.
    I like the Era that most people don't. They were a bit more mellow. "Power Windows" and "Hold Your Fire" are my faves. "A Farewell to Kings" and "Hemispheres" are classic Prog Rock as is "2112".Good Luck JB! Watch out - you can get hooked!

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    Re: For 2112...

    Well in honor of my friend Brian, I went with 2112. Can always pick up the rest. I'm a prog rock fan anyway. I looked at Moving Pictures, but Tom Sawyer has seen to much radio play where I live and I'm kinda burned out on it.

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