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Topic: Unity note craziness - bug??

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    Unity note craziness - bug??

    Here's an interesting v.3 editor problem: when I edit a unity note using the little blue sliders, the left and right channels jump 1/2 step off from each other and stay that way. I have the "select lock" thingy engaged, so everything *should* track together. These are basic stereo waves with release triggers (pipe organ samples). For now I'm adjusting each channel separately to correct the problem. What a pain! Has anyone else noticed this behavior or am I just lucky? - Doug

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    Re: Unity note craziness - bug??

    Haven't seen that problem, and generally (except for crashes) the gs3 editor seems far more usable than the gs2.5 editor. Can you be a little more specific, then maybe others of us can try out your problem? (I know, "thingy" is a reasonable name for many of the interface items, but it doesn't help anyone else trying to figure out what you are talking about!)

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    Re: Unity note craziness - bug??

    OK, here's a scenario.

    I'm working with stereo sustain samples that have release triggers.

    I use Select Lock to lock together the settings for L/R and attack/release.

    I select Unity Note in the blue ball display (Drag with proportional scaling is also selected)

    Working with one note selected I move the C3 blue ball to C#3.


    Left sustain: C#3 = OK.
    Right sustain: D3!
    Left release: D3!
    Right release: D#3!

    This behavior only occurs if the Drag with proportional scaling option is selected. As this does not occur in version 2.5, I assume it's a bug. Can anyone else duplicate this?


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