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Topic: Is 3.03 worth installing?

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    Is 3.03 worth installing?

    As usual, there is a wide variety of opinions on such things...based on the wide variety of set ups...I'm on 3.01 and have not gone to 3.02 as there seemed to have been a lot of stuck notes as a result then...

    We know that some set ups are going to react badly to anything, sometimes unexpectedly...
    But could there be a reasonably set up/average user's opinion?...


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    Re: Is 3.03 worth installing?

    For my heavily midi-oriented work (no rewire involved, no effects in gigastudio), 3.03 is better than 3.00, incrementally; it caused no new problems (except a tiny one: now in the 'help-about' page, it shows me as "trial user" rather than as the registered user that I am -- but did not seem to require re-registration or any other difficulties). Stuck notes are reduced significantly tho not altogether.

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    Re: Is 3.03 worth installing?

    Thanks G,

    I'll probably update based on your answer.

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