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Topic: Stylus RMX and Intakt

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    Stylus RMX and Intakt

    Just got Stylus RMX and love it - already ordered my expanders. Well done to all involved as fantastic program/sounds.

    Wondered whether there's any plan to add a conversion for intakt files so they could be loaded as well anytime soon.

    I'm thinking I could probably buy recycle and turn all intack files to rex files and then import them, but with a few libraries, and no knowledge of recycle, this could take too long/lose quality etc, plus I'd have to buy recycle (for which I've got no need) only as a converter.

    Is there an easier method / a conversion for RMX on the way?

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    Re: Stylus RMX and Intakt

    It looks like converting to rex is your only option. Recently there was a thread about StormDrum > RMX. I'm sure that everything said there also applies to Intakt.

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