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Topic: Odd CPU Behavior with RMX

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    Odd CPU Behavior with RMX

    I am running SX3 and noticed something odd with RMX >
    I loaded three loops and started to add some chaos, couple of FX
    and was auditioning alternate loops. My CPU meter was at about 60%
    (I have P4 2.4 with 1.5G of Ram) so I started to unload loops one by one and
    FX one by one but.....once I was at 1 loop with no FX my CPU meter was still at 60%. I had to reset the whole thing to get the meter back where I thought it should be. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Odd CPU Behavior with RMX

    I've also had some memory issues when RMX is present in the setup but to tell you the truth, I also think SX 3.0 is suspect.
    When I load EWQLSO I get a low memory message for songs that were ok with SX 2.0.
    Very hard to diagnose a problem when several updated programs are running at the same time...

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    Re: Odd CPU Behavior with RMX

    I'm also having the same cpu issue, and I'm running Pro Tools 6.4 on a Mac G4 933mhz with 1584mb of ram(OS 10.3.4). The cpu meter starts bouncing up and down to about 50% even before I play any loops(and increases by 10% for each loop I add). I set my cpu usage limit higher and that seems to help a little, but I was wondering if this was a bug with RTAS or if it's just time for me to get some G5's.

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    Re: Odd CPU Behavior with RMX

    Hi slinky,

    Check out Eric Persing's reply in this thread.

    If you notice on the download page for the Stylus RMX version 1.0.5 update, Spectrasonics write:

    "Contact us directly for help if you have any P4 denorm issues"


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