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Topic: Gina 3G for Giga

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    Gina 3G for Giga

    I installed a Gina 3G card into my PC running XP Home Edition....I chose the Gina 3G as my default device in the Sound and Control panel ....Then rebooted the computer.....I have Tracktion running and it works with Tracktion, but when I try to play a CD , I get an error message that says I have no soundcard !!......I went back to the control panel in the sounds area , and now I have nothing but "greyed out" areas where you choose your playback, recording , etc devices !!...I just followed the directions that Echo gave for the installation .....What could be wrong ?....I went on the internet with my other computer to see if anyone else had a similar problem, and there were other companies cards that did the same thing, and nobody has an answer !!....I guess this is what I was afraid of all along going to PC from a Mac !!....It just came to bite me !!.... Does anybody have work around ?...Thanks for your time.....Sincerely, Jim

    BTW...Echo support has no answer, and says that this has never happened before .. Funny how it's plastered all over the internet !!.....

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    Re: Gina 3G for Giga

    You could try switching between the PureWave and WDM modes in the Gina settings. I believe with the new GSIF2 driver you can set PW/WDM independently for each device, so if this worked you could set up a particular stereo pair and then set your CD player software to use the same outputs.

    Or, you could direct your CD software to use the sound card built in to your motherboard, instead of the Gina. Not as good, but hopefully a fair compromise.

    You could also try using an ASIO device wrapper like the free ASIO4ALL (http://www.asio4all.com/) and use it with CD player software that supports ASIO outs, such as "DJ Decks":


    Alternately, there is a Winamp 5 ASIO plugin linked here:


    Break a leg!

    - a

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