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Topic: Ola from CUBBAAAA :)

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    Talking Ola from CUBBAAAA :)

    Hi guys, I'm down in Cayo Coco Cuba for the week, and it's rockin!!!. Beautiful weather, wonderful beach and lots of beautiful single women , guys I'm gonna need a vacation after my vacation if you know what I mean (actually a bit of work and mostly vacation)

    Anyhow, I'll have a few pina colladas (I know my spelling is all wrong)for you guys, will be back on the 25th so if you passed a order between November 18th and 25th they will be shipped out first thing on the 26th Friday.

    Hasta la vuego !!!!


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    Smile Re: Ola from CUBBAAAA :)

    enjoy it hombre !

    envy you,...

    cheers, imusic

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