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Topic: Routing bug?

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    Routing bug?

    I have not seen this mentioned, so I would like to know if anyone else has this issue. I am using GS3 Orchestra 3.02. I have a stereo signal routed from an Input channel to a Group channel where I am sending it pre-fader to an Aux Bus (with the group fader down). The problem is, only the left audio information is getting through to the Aux bus. With the Group fader up, I can hear both sides of the stereo signal, so it is getting to the Group channel okay, but there is still no right audio information from the Aux bus (where I have a GigaPulse reverb set up). I have checked width and pan settings along the audio path, and stereo signals direct from any Input channel to the same Aux bus is processed fine (full stereo), but no right audio information on sends from any Group channel.

    This is strange behaviour to be peculiar to my setup, so I wonder if someone could check this on their system for me.

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    Re: Routing bug?

    Yes, this has also happened on my system. Aux sends from group buses only seem to come through on the left channel. However, since I hardly ever need to send to aux from a group (who does?) it isn't a problem. This was with the original 3.00 version. I have not tried it yet with the latest update. Now you mention it, I will try and report back the results.

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    Re: Routing bug?

    Thanks for responding DCB. Glad to hear it is not only my system. I really want to use the Aux sends from Groups, since if I am sending audio pre-fader to GigaPulse for reverb, the only way to add eq or change the stereo width/position prior to GigaPulse, is by making these changes on an Input Channel ,routing to a Group and then sending to an Aux bus. If Inputs could be routed to other Inputs, this could be a workaround, but alas ...

    I must admit, I am a little disappointed in the inflexible routing in GS3. At present, if GigaPulse is used for reverb as suggested (pre-fader) there is no way to add eq or other FX anywhere in the audio chain within GS3 - Aux buses can only be routed to Master outs, and there are no inserts on these buses. Anyone found any creative solutions/workarounds?

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    Re: Routing bug?

    I tried it in 3.03 and it's the same unfortunately. With Gigapulse on an Aux bus and the inputs routed via a group, the Gigapulse signal only comes out the left channel. This is regardless of the Wet/Dry setting in Gigapulse. However, when I tried it with the "old" NFX reverb, I found that the wet signal comes out both channels as it should. Only dry signal going through the reverb was limited to the left channel. So I guess it works OK when you use it as an Aux FX set to 100% wet in the conventional way. But who wants to use the old NFX now we have Gigapulse?

    My workaround is to send to Aux postfader. I generally have two instances of Gigapulse -- one near and one far, on separate Aux buses -- and send different levels of each input postfader to one or both of them (thus creating a gradation of depth). You can add EQ also. However, I find audio signal going through Gigapulse to be largely resistant to Pan and width settings anyway (only midi pan seems to make any difference).

    And, of course, if you do it postfader you have to waste one of your hardware outs as a muted out for the unwanted dry signal from the inputs. No wait -- couldn't we use a group bus simply for that purpose: set all the input bus outs to a muted group bus and just use the input bus aux sends to direct the signal to the master outs? Must go and try that!

    On reflection, I agree it would be great if we could use Aux sends from the Group buses. Is this a general problem, or is it only found on some systems I wonder?

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    Re: Routing bug?

    That's a great solution: to send to GigaPulse Postfader on an input, and send the unwanted dry signal to a muted group channel. Logical! That certainly solves my desire to be able to shape the sound prior to GigaPulse. And as you say, it is still possible to dial in various amounts of each GigaPulse instance.
    If this Group send issue to Aux Buses is a problem across the board, I hope Tascam are aware of it - I'm sure it couldn't be too complex to fix. Unfortunately I don't have much confidence they would ever see an e-mail if I sent it to them.

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    Re: Routing bug?

    And I also live thousands of miles away, and unfortunately cannot phone (which is apparently the only way of ever having a chance of communicating with Tascam)!

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