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Topic: Other or more group buys ???

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    Other or more group buys ???

    Just a simple and easy question, but since the group buys run so cool, will there be more group buys for more libraries or other develoers ?

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    Re: Other or more group buys ???

    Yes There will be more group buys. If you are a developer who wants to do a group buy on our site please contact us for details on time etc.

    If your a sample user, register and keep Checking at our site more great things to happen in future we're just scratching the surface.
    Thank you all for your support of this site and the developers who contribute here. It just keeps getting better everyday.

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    Re: Other or more group buys ???

    Any chance EWQLSO silver would get a group buy?
    I know $398 for Gold is a steal, but my bank manager would recommend getting silver instead for maybe $160-200

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    Re: Other or more group buys ???

    Yes more group buys please! I have or am not interested in the current ones.

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    Thumbs up Re: Other or more group buys ???

    EWQLSO silver please!

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    Re: Other or more group buys ???

    Group buy on GPO. Get 20 buyers and pay only $20.... ))

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    Re: Other or more group buys ???

    Since I'm buying Gold and I don't get any credit from my Silver QLSO, can I transfer ownership? I am a legitimate owner of QLSO Silver that I will absolutely not need in a matter of days.

    I suppose if anyone knows if this is possible please PM me. I suppose that because of the whole authorization thing this would be doable?

    If anyone is interested let me know.
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Other or more group buys ???

    I'd be interested in the Peter Ewers' Symphonic Organ sample sets but I can't find out much info on this. Does anyone know a homepage for it or a source of varied demo tracks please? My googling has drawn a blank.



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    Re: Other or more group buys ???

    Stormdrum, Stormdrum, STORMDRUM!!!

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    Re: Other or more group buys ???

    Stormdrum GB would indeed ROCK

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