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Topic: Garritan Ambience

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    Garritan Ambience

    I'm new to Garritan, and thanks to everyone who has helped with a couple of questions I've had so far.

    I want to give Garritan my own little acid test and use it for a cast recording shortly - however, as I am not an engineer, I am struggling a little with Garritan Ambience. The presets are no good for this kind of broadway recording. I've done a little tweaking but was wondering if anyone can help me get close to the style of sound that is commonly produced from orchestral music on show recordings - obviously very different to classical.

    As I said, I am not an audio expert so am struggling to describe what I mean but if anyone were to pick up a recent recording you will be able to see what I mean.

    Ideally, could someone post a link to a saved setting file or failing that some suggested settings. I know I'm being a bit lazy but audio and ambience don't really get me going like composing and orchestrating does.

    Thanks for your help

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    I've produced and directed 13 musicals already and here is my honest opinion.
    Do several mixes with several settings of reverb or ambience. Play the recordings at a rehearsal in the same hall you will be performing. Make your judgment upon your findings. It is my experience that no matter what you do to the effect before your first initial playing in the hall, it will be different because of the acoustics. In simpler terms, let the hall dictate. You may find out the room is too live for any at all.
    Some other ways is to have an external device or a laptop with your software and experiment on the spot.
    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Re: Garritan Ambience

    Follow Styxx, Jerry!

    I completely agree with him. As a composer/producer of soudtracks for theatre, I do always mix a bit dry. This is because the music is to be played into a hall with its own reverb. Use artificial reverb just a little bit to mix things up, but the overall effect will be done for you by the room.

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