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Topic: Strange how knowlegde works

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    Strange how knowlegde works

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    I was just at the Chomsky forum, and he made this point

    Quote Originally Posted by Chomsky
    "I've often been struck by the
    extensive knowledge that people have of sports, and
    particularly, their self-confidence in discussing it with
    "experts." While driving, I sometimes turn on radio talk
    shows on sports, and am always struck by this. People
    calling in have no hesitation in criticizing the coaches,
    the judgments of the people running the shows, etc. In
    contrast, when discussion matters of concern to human lives
    -- their own and others -- people tend to defer to
    "experts," though for the most part the expert knowledge is
    no more beyond them than how the local professional sports
    team should play their next game. That's where the
    indoctrination comes in: in the intensive training that
    brings people to feel that they must defer to alleged
    "experts" on matters of very direct concern to them, far
    more so than sports.
    And reminds me about what i have been arguing with Brady, that man fears isolation, so he conforms so as not to be out of step with the herd

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    Re: Strange how knowlegde works

    Funny, on the flipside, if you actually do voice a strong opinion, you get told that you think too black-and-white. I guess you just can't win.

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