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Topic: cubase vst\32+GS 96

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    cubase vst\\32+GS 96

    Hello everyone in gigaland.Anybody using cubase vst\\32+GS 96 on the same machine?I,m having this problem that cubase does not perform export audio function since i,ve installed GS 96.Cubase reports serious problem and freezes on export audio function.I do have a workaround since i have a dual booting system created with partition magic.I can perform export audio in my home partition(with explorer,games,all the free\\demo plug-ins and instruments)but this will need another booting.I have tried to uninstall(from the audio partition) all applications refer to steinberg with no luck so far.What about formating the apps drive?This worries me because i have read in this forum that reauthorising GS 96 have been serious pain.Have someone done this with no problems?Could this been some conflict with the audio driver?(i have delta 1010 with latest driver)I have been very pleased with my system so far.My specs:abit bx6,P3 550,512 memory,geforce 2 mx 32 mb,IBM 5200 20 gig drive for apps,IBM scsi 9 gig for audio,IBM scsi 18 gig for gigs(both scsi,s 10,000 drives)delta 1010.All apps are legal.Many thanks in advance.This is the most informative and less bull**** sites on earth many thaks to all you wonderful peoples.Sorry my less than perfect english.M.Kanerva

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    Re: cubase vst\\32+GS 96

    Markku, this won\'t help - but it would be interesting to know. I\'m thinking that maybe your system just runs too low on horsepower when you run Cubase + Giga + the Cubase wav export simultaneously, and this causes the freeze.

    Can you check what your available CPU resources are when you\'re running both VST and Gst? In Windows 98 you find what resources are free by right clicking on to
    My Computer>properties>performance.
    In XP you use Ctrl/Alt/Del and there\'s a tab which will display free resources.

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