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Topic: FX-MAX GigaVST or Rewire?

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    Question FX-MAX GigaVST or Rewire?

    I tried GigaVST a while ago with terrible results but thought I would give it a go again now that I've upgraded my computer (P4 3.2) and picked up GS3. I was wondering if it might be a better option than Rewire, thinking about easier options for stereo outputs, more soundcard flexibility and perhaps better performance. After my entire shutdown the first time I tried to load the wrapper in Cubase tonight, after that it seemed rock solid. I messed with it for a couple of hours and had no problems whatsoever with 3 instruments in GS (using enough instances of GigaPulse to push the CPU to 50% and get some audio crackling) and one VST (NI FM7) in Cubase SX 2. Is anyone opting for this over using Rewire? Good success or...??

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    Re: FX-MAX GigaVST or Rewire?

    I am finding better performance using GigaVST than Rewire too.

    However, using either, I get a problem with any track played back from SX2.2 with sustain pedal data on it - the sustain info fails to come off at the right times and I get messy overhanging notes... very annoying.

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    Re: FX-MAX GigaVST or Rewire?

    Yes, I'm gonna try it surely,
    but what feels bad; rewire doesn't work with GS3 as
    it should, you have to pay more money to get things
    to work!

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    Re: FX-MAX GigaVST or Rewire?

    Same experiences for me! The gigastudio VST adapter is the best option till now! Stereo mixer channels, and quite solid performance.

    Rewire has crackles and dropouts it is by far not usable in GS 3.03.

    The only problem i have with GVST adapter is that my latency settings are not stored so everytime i have to reset the bufferlatency to 64 samples (the shortest time without hearing crackles).

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    Re: FX-MAX GigaVST or Rewire?

    Another great thing about GVA, is that it can save GS3 state.
    So, when you load your project in sequencer, GS3(gva) loads all samples and settings automatically.

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    Re: FX-MAX GigaVST or Rewire?

    Thanks for these replies. Yeah, it is too bad we have to drop yet more cash to get this stuff to work. This has been an ongoing thing for me the last while...newbie stuff largely, although I'm sure I wasn't alone in opting for a complete system upgrade essentially just to be able to run GigaPulse. Still got a few more days left before the GVA trial runs out...will enjoy the free ride while I can!

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    Re: FX-MAX GigaVST or Rewire?

    Hmmm...I see what you mean about the hanging notes, etc. with Cubase SX 2.X, Jo-Seth. Same problem here. I swtiched back to Rewire...GVA is a writeoff with SX. Sigh...

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    Re: FX-MAX GigaVST or Rewire?

    Just to add... I use Giga VST on a separate computer and don't have any sustain issues. Actually, Giga VST is working very well.

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    Re: FX-MAX GigaVST or Rewire?

    HI beatpete,
    Can you describe your setup? Thanks.


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    Re: FX-MAX GigaVST or Rewire?

    My setup:
    2 Asus P4C800-E computers 3.2 and 3.0 gig.
    Onboard gigabit lan.
    FX Giga VST Adapter

    Machine 1:
    Lynx 2 audio card
    4 X Uad-1 cards
    Nuendo 2.2.035
    Various other apps and VSTis

    Machine 2:
    Gigastudio 3.03 with 16 stereo channels routed directly to Nuendo's mixer.

    I love this setup because I can load a HUGE template in GS3 and do EQing, FX sends etc. within Nuendo without having to open big sample libraries with every song. I've got real time playing latency down to about 10 msec but on playback, timing is sample accurate.

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