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Topic: Hard drive dissapeared

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    Hard drive dissapeared

    Hello, I had been using GS 2.5 witn win 98, next month i was planning to upgrade to GS3, so I upgraded to win XP, and Ive had lots of problems, but I dont know how to fix the last one. All of a sudden my second Hard Drive dissapeared (I have three HD) from windows, not from the bios, when it finally reappeared, windows tells me that I need to Format the drive, It is my audio drive, and dont want to loose all my work, does anybody know what is happening???



    Excuse my poor english, im from mexico

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    Re: Hard drive dissapeared

    Maybe a bad boot sector. You should run scan disk on it. If that doesn't help there's a way to fix it from the Windows XP Repair Console, but I'd have to dig it up from the dredges of my memory. Do a google search on boot sector and you may find instructions.

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    Re: Hard drive dissapeared

    My favorite which has saved me more than once when these things happen...and they do sooner or later.



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