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Topic: Converting GIGA files to Kontakt.. question

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    Converting GIGA files to Kontakt.. question

    Hi everybody!

    Its My right here.. I'm a Kontakt user and i bought some Giga soudlibrary and i'm converting them to Kontakt using CdXtrackt for the job. Now my concern is.. lets say the .GIG file is 600 MB.. and when i open it in CdXtract to convert.. a n d lets say in that .gig file there is 10 Programs.. then my Kontakt folder of the same liubrary becomes bigger. Is that normal? Because when I convert each program, It create the NKI file plus a Sample Folder that comes with that Program example: Vienna Solo MOd..

    Example i have the Viena Strings library one of them wich in the Folder that I put the .Gig file (from Harp blabalba) its 6.82 gig now after i convert to NKI, the whole NKI folder is at: 10. something gig.. wich is a lot no?

    So i was wondering if there is a way to make that the NKI convertion stays in the same size like the .gig file. Thank you very much

    And happy Thanks Giving


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    Re: Converting GIGA files to Kontakt.. question

    No, the gig files are compressed and uncompressed on the fly whereas the Kontakt files are just standard uncompressed wav files.

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