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Topic: Rain Piano for DirectDownload from SampleTekk

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    Lightbulb Rain Piano for DirectDownload from SampleTekk

    For all of you with f-a-s-t Internet connection, SampleTekk are now happy to release the amazing Rain Piano as a DirectDownload.
    This means that you can download your Rain Piano directly after you bought it.

    This different upright piano has been on the market for a while, but here's a small recap:

    A serious Upright piano with character. Sometimes a Grand Piano is simply too much or lacks personality. Rain Piano is professionally setup to add character while staying in tune with your other instruments. A true 8 velocity X2 (pedal Up / pedal Down) The extra velocities provide smooth response from softest to loudest timbres. Recorded at Studio Kuling, Sweden using only the finest gear and mastered in 24 bit stereo. Available in Gigastudio 3 format featuring true pedaling using GigaPulse, Gigastudio 2 and Kontakt/HALion format

    Price for the DirectDownload version: $50!
    You can get your Rain Piano HERE!

    This is a BIG instrument. the downloadable packed file is 250 Mb ,(unpacked it's nearly 750Mb). Even with a fast broadband connection, it takes about an hour to download it. If you are on a modem, DO NOT attempt to buy this as a DirectDownload. The Rain Piano is avaliable as a normal CD delivery

    Some demos, (Demo 4 & 5 - thanx to Perry Montauredes):

    Demo 1
    Demo 2
    Demo 3
    Demo 4
    Demo 5

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: Rain Piano for DirectDownload from SampleTekk

    An excellent piano with lots of character - I own it - got it for free with the Black Grand special offer. Highly recommended.

    You know what would be really cool in the same vein? A honky-tonk type piano, similar to the Rain Piano - something a little more out of tune (not too much - maybe different degrees of out-of-tunedness offered) and trashy sounding, a little more trebly (less warm than the Rain Piano).

    Again, I love the Rain Piano, but it's got me wanting more in the same vein. IMO we're getting close to wearing out the need for more/larger/perfect grand pianos, though I'm sure many will disagree. Give me something special with some character, something that I love to hate so to speak.


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    Re: Rain Piano for DirectDownload from SampleTekk

    Finally bought this! I know, it took long enough huh.

    Again, a big thanks to Per for making the downloadable libraries available. Hopefully this will get to be a bigger part of the sample library business. The price difference is worth it to me.

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