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Topic: Check out my kitchen!!!

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    Check out my kitchen!!!

    Hey guys, I have a new website! I just wanted to invite you all to check it out:


    Ps: There is no english version, but you may have some fun anyway!

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    That was the coolest website I have ever seen.

    If you visit, dont forget to click on stuff....

    Congratulations Guga!!!


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    Re: Check out my kitchen!!!

    That is a most fantastic web site. The music is also excellent. The whole experience reminds me that I should learn Brazilian Portuguese.

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    Re: Check out my kitchen!!!

    Excellent, interesting website. I enjoyed the concept of adding sounds in the kitchen by clicking on items.

    Given how nice everything sounds, I would almost have thought you used GigaStudio 3? (Sorry, I just couldn't resist).

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    Re: Check out my kitchen!!!

    Wow Guga - great website! Good fortune with it.


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    This site is so cool ! I wish you could do more with the girl than you can do with the frying pan :sigh:
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: Check out my kitchen!!!

    I'm speechless :-)
    I've been banging pots and pans, turning appliances on and off and making a south american beauty say "oohyea" for the last ten minutes. :-)
    Thanks for that link. although I fear I will never have anything quite that slick as my web site.


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    Re: Check out my kitchen!!!

    Wow that's fantastic ...I'm speechless too.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: Check out my kitchen!!!


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    Re: Check out my kitchen!!!

    Great website.
    Quick to navigate, and plenty to keep people there - well done mate!
    (oh yeah - and the music sounds excelent!)

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