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Topic: Click on first G# on Contrabassoon Solo 1

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    Click on first G# on Contrabassoon Solo 1

    I've stumbled across a minor issue. When playing the Contrabassoon Solo 1 instrument and play the first G# from the bottom, you'll hear a funny clicking noise. It appears to be only in the attack of the sample as when I play with legato enabled (with the sustain switch on) it doesn't have the noise, but when I play it in non-legato mode I get a strange clicking sort of noise.

    Just wanted to know if anyone else has heard this strange noise.



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    Re: Click on first G# on Contrabassoon Solo 1

    Hi Ben
    Just made a test to reproduce your problem:
    sounds ok.
    If I want a "click", I have to use high velocity and low modwheel (high velocity attenuates the attack and can give unnatural results in the low modwheel range: like spitting instead of blowing...) As you can hear on the last notes of my test, combination of highest modwheel and velocity works.
    Hope this helps.

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