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Topic: Piano Libraries w/ continuous sustain

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    Piano Libraries w/ continuous sustain

    Hi, just wondering which piano libraries can be used with continuous sustain controllers. I take it that this is only possible with giga3 due to convolution..
    Id like to sign up for the 2 group buys for the PMI's, just want to make sure that the sustain action will be continuous (ala Yamaha Clavinova)


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    Re: Piano Libraries w/ continuous sustain


    Has anyone tried these libraries with a continous sustain pedal and Giga 3??


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    Re: Piano Libraries w/ continuous sustain

    There are two ways to get the desired contiuous pedal in piano libs.
    The first one is by layering the two sustain pedal state samples, both playing but the sustain pedal down sample is controlled by the state of midi cc#64 (the sustain pedal). If this is a switch you will have on and off. If it´s a Clavinova pedal signal you will have full continuous control over the resonance. The disadvantage is obvious: you need two samples at the same time for each voice you play (regardless if you use the pedal).

    The second way uses the convolution engine, let´s take GS3 GigaPulse as it´s the only and best option for this. The convolution plug-in adds resonance to the samples when the midi cc#64 is used. The amount of resonance is set by the pedal values. Once again if you have a continuous pedal you will have continuous sustain.

    Both methods are implemented in the GS3 versions of my PMI EMPEROR, OLD LADY, Bosendorfer290, Steinway D. The first option (layered sustain samples) is implemented in all my piano libraries in Giga2, Halion and Kontakt. Only in EXS24 you have a real problem with this. First polyphony is limited to 64 voices so a layered piano with release voices will never play more than 21 notes. Second problem is the implementation of the layer and midi cc#64 action. It works but the effect is very abrupt which can be disturbing and less realistic.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Piano Libraries w/ continuous sustain

    I have a standalone sustain pedal which can be either "switch" or "continuous".
    my digital piano is not a clavinova and does not handle the continuous mode.. it will work only in swich mode..
    I wonder whether it is possible to control my GS3 PMI virtual piano directly with the pedal, bypassing the piano and its midi cc#64 thing...
    after a quick google search I found this device which is supposed to convert a continuous pedal signal in continuous midi data :
    the solution seems a bit expensive and I don't know if it would suit the PMI implementations of continuous pedal..
    has anyone ever tried this things?

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    Re: Piano Libraries w/ continuous sustain

    $ 149 for that piece of...digital electronics? That seems a tiny bit out of proportion to me.

    I normally use the cc#64 controller in the midi piano roll editor. You can draw nice curves there and they work with our pianos. To input the pedal in realtime would require a keyboard that supports the cont. pedal, or the box for $149 or doing it by hand, using a fader assigned to midi cc#64. You could do the pedal as an overdub (just an idea...).
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Piano Libraries w/ continuous sustain

    I've already played around with it in a piano roll editor and it's quite nice

    but yep I would like to find a realtime solution cuz I also use my keyboard as a way to practice the piano and I miss the half-pedaling techs..

    Quote Originally Posted by Michiel Post
    $ 149 for that piece of...digital electronics? That seems a tiny bit out of proportion to me.

    that's exactly what I think and I even consider trying to build this converter myself!

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