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Topic: Halion 3 Demo - limitations?

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    Halion 3 Demo - limitations?

    Just got Cubase SX3 and a Halion 3 demo came with it.
    Can't find any info about what limitations it has, compared to the full version?
    No info on the DVD, no info on Steinberg's site.

    I'm a totally newbie, and haven't started using Halion yet...


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    Re: Halion 3 Demo - limitations?

    Maybe the limitation is that you can't find out what the limitations in the demo version are, then you get mad and purchase Kontakt instead?

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    Re: Halion 3 Demo - limitations?

    Heh - I think there's a time limit on the license - 30 days maybe? Dunno - I own the full version and have yet to get the SX3 upgrade. Check out the new Steinberg forums and do a search or two there, and you'll probably get a handle on the situation there.


    BTW - there's supposed to be a big new update coming out this coming week with a super-efficient streaming engine. Sounds like fun.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Halion 3 Demo - limitations?

    Hi, thanks for your llink. I think I searched there before posting here.
    I don't care that much, because I'm not going to use halion for now.
    The new upgrade sounds cool. Thanks for letting me know

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