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Topic: Using GS3 on a minimal system

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    Question Using GS3 on a minimal system

    I currently have a P4 1.7ghz, 1 gig ram, three HD's. XP pro running Giga 2.5 as a standalone, dedicated machine. I have an RME Digiface that sends 24 discrete audio channels to my main DAW. Works fine.

    I have GS3 sitting in the box waiting for me to install it. I've kicked around the idea of upgrading my hardware, but I'd really rather not at this point.

    So what kind of problems will I run into? I know Gigapulse is CPU intensive. If I do not get carried away with Gigapulse, what can I expect? Most of the success stories I've seen are folks running 3gz or faster...is anyone running with a system similar to mine and making music?

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    Re: Using GS3 on a minimal system

    I think part of your answer depends on which version of GS3 you have.

    Here is a link to the "minimum system Requirements" for GS3 Orchestra, so it appears you meet those.

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    Re: Using GS3 on a minimal system

    Thanks Martin, I do have Orchestra. Usually the "minimum requirements" work but leave a lot to be desired. Just wondering what I can expect..,

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    Re: Using GS3 on a minimal system

    You should definitely be able to make music with that system, just don't expect to use Gigapulse much... I have a 1.33GHz AMD system with 1.5GB memory here and it works just fine with GS3.


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    Re: Using GS3 on a minimal system

    Yep I use a P3 1 giger with 512 ram, works great with GS3, but gigapulse can't be done. I seem to get a bit more poly, around 200 now instead of the 160 limit I had before. Solid though.
    Hoope Santa drops me off a P4 3.2 with 2 gigs of ram soon!!!

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    Re: Using GS3 on a minimal system

    Seclusion and Matius: thanks! that's what I was hoping to hear.

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