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Topic: Using Published Music in Political campaign

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    Using Published Music in Political campaign

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    I have a friend who wants me to record a new version of a beatles song to use in a local campaign for a city councel seat. I am wondering how to go about obtain ing permission and paying appropriate royalties. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Re: Using Published Music in Political campaign

    Your first stop when it comes to any questions regarding Copyright should always be this:


    Pretty simple huh?

    Now, AFAIK, The Beatles and Politicians doon't mix very well, so although you might be able to (maybe) force a compulsory license on the song and do it anyway....I would highly....let me rephrase this...I WOULD HIGHLY recommend that you draft a contract that does not hold you in any way liable to lawsuits due to your arrangement for the song.
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