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Topic: Save as... .Gsi

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    Save as... .Gsi

    I read this function it's able to save one single or multiple instruments
    with relative effect and mixer setting but I don't have obtained the request
    istruments it's saved correctly but no mixer and effect setting.

    Some help?

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    Re: Save as... .Gsi


    When you start GS3 it will start with your default performance, not with the settings you had when you saved it. When GS3 is up and running, go to FILE and open the file you saved. After this performance opens all your mixer settings should be as you saved it.
    Depending on how you are working, you can make it easier for yourself if you save a performance with all the settings as you wish them as a DEFAULT performance. Then every time you start GS3 this will come up. If however you often change your settings, it is better to SAVE AS, and leave the default performance as it is.
    You should also remember that your settings in your sequencer will change the settings in GS3. I work with a templete same both in GS3 and my squencer. So when I load GS3 then the sequencer, both are having the same setups. It all depends how you are working.
    Good luck


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    Re: Save as... .Gsi


    The .GSI file has effects and other information "inside it", and that is not displayed in the insert section of GS3.

    For example, if I load one of the GS3 sample content .gsi files with embedded effects (like the Westgate Studios "WS-Trumpet.gsi"), I can hear the effects, but the effect is not part of the "normal" DSP Station window (the top window). However, in the Quick Sound window, I DO see an "impulse" instrument (Medium Hall-Back Center), and it has a small gray "FX" icon next to it.

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    Re: Save as... .Gsi

    Embedded FX show up in the MIDI Mixer. The green FX light will come on and provide a pull down to access the FX UI. A .gsi file can be saved with that kind of FX config.

    The FX is still being processed in DSP Station, as indicated by the FX readout, even though it's UI is in the MIDI Mixer because it's tied to an instrument. Kinda clever.


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