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Topic: Anyone using Midi Over Lan CP Successfully??

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    Question Anyone using Midi Over Lan CP Successfully??

    I sequence with Logic on a g5. I have 6 pc's running Gigastudio and QLSO. I hate dealing with all the midi cabling and interfaces. For those of you using the CP version of this software, is it bugfree, stable and is the timing tight? How do you hook up all the computers, do you need a network hub or do you chain the computers somehow?? Is there any problem dealing with a large template? Potentially a lot of midi-controller data at once.



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    Re: Anyone using Midi Over Lan CP Successfully??

    I am also wondering about MOL CP. I have looked over all the info on
    the Music Lab site and I still have questions. If anyone has MOL working
    well between a G5 and pc could you give step by step info about how to
    set it up?


    Steve Fawcett

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    Re: Anyone using Midi Over Lan CP Successfully??

    I thought about that risk, Lee, but then I decided it was pretty remote.
    System changes seem only slightly more likely to break MOL than they are to break MIDI interfaces. MOL appears to Audio MIDI Setup as another MIDI interface; the only difference is that it routes data over ethernet. I think MIDI and ethernet would have to change for that to be a problem.

    And I don't forsee changing that could affect it in my Windows machines. The 64-bit era is going to require a new machine anyway.

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    Re: Anyone using Midi Over Lan CP Successfully??

    MOL is working fine my G4 and two machines - one with Giga 2 and now Giga 3, the other with Kontakt/Cubase SX or V-Stack. I'm about to put it on my third Windows machine today, once I get it set up.

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    Re: Anyone using Midi Over Lan CP Successfully??

    Well I'm PC to PC Giga3 with MOLCP2 (solid as a rock). For what it's worth...

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    Re: Anyone using Midi Over Lan CP Successfully??

    I just installed MOL CP ver 2 on my G5 running Logic pro 7 and my PC with GS 3 on XP pro . Everything is working really well over here.
    The install was painless. The MOL CP midi driver appears like a regular midi driver on the Mac and it gives you 16 netports with 16 channel each!!
    Just set your IP adresses to a fix static adress on each computers and that' it! I just did some extensive timing tests with MOL CP and a standard midi interface . I didn't see or feel a difference between both ways of transmitting midi . I have created a patch in giga with a pulse wave with a very sharp attack and did the same with sampletank on another PC with regular midi on it and recorded the results in Logic first as midi then rendered as audio to see the waveforms. The giga pulse waveform was a bit less delayed because it was running on an RME card with 64 sample buffer size and the sampletank one with a 128 sample buffer but that delay was consistent.
    I also compared with the same pulse wave patch on the EXS 24 to compare latency within Logic running an M-audi firewire 1814 with 128 sample buffer.
    Results were conclusive. Latency is induced mainly with audio buffers .
    Midi is consistent either with MOL CP or regular midi in my situation.
    I have one problem though , when I transmit pitch bend info through MOL CP on GS 3. When i use pitchbend to lower the pitch, there's a lot of midi garbage going on but not when I pitchbend upwards.
    Anyone has the same problem??
    I am using GS 3 version 3.0

    best ,


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    Re: Anyone using Midi Over Lan CP Successfully??

    Very interesting thread this one, since I'm about to move up to multiple machines as well. For those of you that now use MOL, did you experience any problems with MIDI delay between machines before using MOL? and if so, has that issue decreased when using MOL?

    (Hope you don't mind me asking in your thread, scores4film.)

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    Re: Anyone using Midi Over Lan CP Successfully??

    Quote Originally Posted by Yves
    Just set your IP adresses to a fix static adress on each computers and that' it!

    Can you explain where you set these IP addresses on the Mac and pc?



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    Re: Anyone using Midi Over Lan CP Successfully??

    Works fine here. Logic 7 on G5, ProTools TDM on PC. I've also used it with V-Stack on multiple PC's with Logic on the G5 as 'master'. Once it's all set up properly (you need to know all your systems' IP addresses etc.) it's easy as pie - it launches automatically on all my systems and every app I've tried sees the NetPort MIDI ports fine.

    Timing is marginally tighter than my other interfaces (Unitor 8 Mk II, RME HDSP, MidiSport, Scope etc.) - I ran some tests with V-Stack and MOL was roughly a couple of ms more accurate than the best performance I could get with hardware.

    The one time I had a problem (driver wouldn't install on a new PC I built), MusicLab had a fix for me within a day.

    I network 6 systems (including office etc.) via a Netgear hub and have had three running fine together via MOL - haven't tried more.

    Hope this helps


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    Re: Anyone using Midi Over Lan CP Successfully??

    I went through the same thing, Steve. So I assume you're using a router connected to the internet, right? If so, the router will probably have a new IP address every time you start it up (unless you pay extra for a fixed one). The router is a computer, in other words.

    But each other computer on your network will have a fixed IP, and the only number you're concerned with in MOL is that one.

    On the Mac, you can find the IP address by clicking on the Network button in System Preferences. I forget where it is in Windows, and I don't have a machine started up, but if I can find it then anyone can. Maybe someone can help here.

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