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Topic: RMX, Logic 7, Multi-Outs - Any News?

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    RMX, Logic 7, Multi-Outs - Any News?

    I've been playing with Stylus RMX for the last few weeks and it is certainly an awesome device.

    Problem is that until it supports multi-outs in Logic 7, it's severely hampered for doing full drum mixes. I'm aware it's not Spectrasonic's fault, that Apple changed the multi-out format in Logic 7 etc. and am not complaining. I just wondered how things stand with multi-out support for L7. Is it imminent, like maybe next minor update, or are we looking at a whole shed-load of extra work, and no chance of it being implemented until the next major update?

    I have mixes in process now which I was hoping to build around RMX grooves, but I should probably work with Apple Loops (which works great in Logic 7 I have to confess) and other methods if this is going to take a long time.

    Many thanks for any feedback. Wish there was a Spectrasonics forum to ask questions like this. I'm damned if I can get any kind of response from emails direct to Spectrasonics, even as a registered user quoting my serial number.


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    Re: RMX, Logic 7, Multi-Outs - Any News?

    Bump ....

    Sorry, but it would be really helpful to have a little guidance from Eric (if he's around) on where things stand with this. We're trying to decide whehter to ditch RMX for work-in-progress, or bat on and hope for an early fix.

    Thanks for any information.


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