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Topic: Audio Capture on Giga slaves?

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    Audio Capture on Giga slaves?

    Okay, I'm kind've kicking myself in the nads for this, but I've just discovered the audio capture feature in Giga 2.5. I've always wondered if I could record audio internally so there'd be no audio degradation whatsoever, and voila, I spotted the audio capture option.

    So I got it working on my main machine, which has both the sequencer and giga on it. I wanted to see if it'd work on my other giga slave machine, but I'm having no such luck. What do I do if I want to capture audio on a slave machine triggered by my sequencer in my MAIN machine? If I could learn to do this, my audio quality troubles are over - which would be a hugeeee deal to me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Audio Capture on Giga slaves?

    Should be no problem If you got it working on your seq machine, that means you have set your sequencer to send MIDI Clock Start and stop signals to GS - i.e. from your seq to the internal MIDI interface called "Gigastudio x". Just make your seq send MIDI clock through the MIDI pipe to your slave machine as well. If your slave GS recieves MIDI from your seq, it should just as well be able to recieve MIDI clock. If not, then your problem could be that some software filters out or does not relay MIDI clock (or sysex/midi ctrl messages) along your MIDI connection to your slave machine.

    But then again, you still have to go to GS on your slave machine and set the audio capture thing to active and "Waiting for seq" - mode if you want to remote control recording start. Otherwise your slave GS will be recording from the first time you play your song to the first time you stop it, but never again - unless you re-set it to "Waiting for seq". So you still have to set the recording by hand. (Speaking for GS 2.5 now - not sure about GS3)

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    Re: Audio Capture on Giga slaves?

    It worked!

    Thanks a lot Tomke!

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    Re: Audio Capture on Giga slaves?

    Quote Originally Posted by A_Sapp
    It worked! Thanks a lot Tomke!
    My pleasure If you get the chance of scoring a porn movie, just send me a copy of it - as thanx

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