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Topic: Duet for Flute and Tuba

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    Duet for Flute and Tuba

    Here is a beautiful duet for flute and tuba composed by TristezaOrange, "performed" using GPO:


    When TristezaOrange made an open solicitation for someone to render his original score with GPO, I jumped at the chance!

    This piece forms the closing part of a longer electronic piece, which can be found here:


    which goes a long way to explaining the rather odd close chord arrangement for the solo and section strings (very effective in the original electronic version).

    Another interesting point about this was the GPO was not "performed." Instead, I used some ideas from the old SuperConductor program, and coded into the KeyKit language, to create an automaticish algorithmic performance. The pulse that I choose for this piece was one often used in the music of Cesar Franck (weak-strong-strong-weak). I stopped working on this code in Feb, but what do people think - should it be resurrected?

    GPO used: Flute V, Tuba Solo 1, lush strings, solo Gagli, solo Guarn, solo Cello, pizzicato Cellos, celesta

    One instance of SIR using an impulse from the 1800 seat hall from noisevault.

    Enjoy and many kudos to TristezeOrange,


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    Re: Duet for Flute and Tuba

    It works for me.

    The only thing I hear is that the dynamics could be smoother and the wind and strings more connected (read legato).

    All in all, considering its an automaticish algorithmic performance, it sounds pretty dang good.

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