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Topic: I was ready and now.

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    Question I was ready and now.

    First off hello and I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I am a new poster and new potential user to Gigastudio. I currently use Sonar producer 3, Kontakt and Sounforge 7 as my primary computer tools. I use sonar with a Yamaha S90 keyboard to do my midi work. All this is done primarily with a laptop using an Eiderol firewire FA101. So far no problems and everything works great.

    I was thinking of adding either Spectrasonics Atmosphere or Gigastudio 3. I was leaning to Gigastudio 3 because of the compatibility issues with atmosphere and Sonar. After reading some of the posts in this forum, it sounds like there are a number of issues with Gigastudio 3 in general and gigastudio 3 and Sonar. Like everyone else I don't want to spend time trying to make things work. Finally the question, is it wise to get into gigastudio 3? From what I've read there seem to be more problems than successes. I understand people with problems are more apt to post than those without them but knowing ahead of time would save some major headaches. Any insights, help, and suggestions are always appreciated.


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    Re: I was ready and now.

    Either way, you're going to spend some time making things work. It's the nature of making music on a PC. The deciding factor should be the way you want to work. With Atmosphere, you're stuck with the sounds it comes with - fine if those are the sounds you need. With Gigastudio, you can get the sounds you need and add more as the need arises.

    I don't use Atmosphere because I don't need those sounds. I do use Stylus with Sonar and have a separate Gigastudio machine.

    It's all about what colors you need to paint with.


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    Re: I was ready and now.

    Some seem to be okay with G3 others not. You may want to wait for a few more updates, it should stabilize.

    Atmosphere and G3 are two different animals. I find that Gigatudio's strength is mostly in playing realistic instrumental sounds which are best replicated by very large samples that can stream from your hard disk. Kontakt, Halion being the other options in this regard (EXS24 for Logic users). That is why there is a lot of talk about orchestral music on these forums as it relates to Gigastudio and the like.

    Atmosphere is a big synth player that represents a vast selection of sounds developed by Eric Persing and his team. The sounds that come with the player are incredible but thats all you get. There are no 3rd party libraries that you can use with it.

    So, if its an either/or question, then it depends on the music you want to create.


    John Z.

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    Re: I was ready and now.

    There are a few things to consider:

    1) What kind of music do you want to make? If you want to make orchestral music, play a realistic piano or use other realistic sounds (as mentioned above) go for GS3.

    2) If you want pads, ambience and other syhthesized sounds, Atmosphere, or Reaktor or some other synth is the way to go.

    3) What hardware do you have? If you have a strong computer with lots of good RAM that's fairly dedicated to making music, and includes an Echo, M-Audio or RME audio card, then you are in a good position to use GS3. If you have a ratty computer with a Terratec audio card, you'll be disappointed. Check out the thread "GS3 Systems that WORK" for examples of working computers.

    4) If you go for GS3, consider what instruments you will want. You might go for GS3 Orchestra, which offers lots of included samples, or get a cheaper version of GS3 and buy specialized libraries. Be aware that only GS3 Orchestra includes the full version of GigaPulse.

    Best of luck in getting the results that you want, regardless of the tools that you choose.


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    Re: I was ready and now.

    As a side note, I'm using Sonar 4.01 Producer with Atmosphere with no problems. I do have the apps sitting on different hard drives though. And believe it or not, also running GiggaStudio 2.5 also on the same machine. No probs at all.

    Atmo is awesome! A great product. But so is giggastudio. It's not an either/or situation here, you really will want to have both.

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