I can get the X-Custom slider set to +100% only for 1 instrument in a given player. All other instruments end up a -100% and will not hold the change if I try to set them at +100%...as a matter of fact, I'm now noticing that only one X-custom instrument across all players will accept +100%.

Everything appeared to be OK when I first loaded the set of instruments into the players, but when I close and reload the project, the problem asserts itself.

I'm using SONAR 4 PE.

I'd use the regular voices, but they are not programmed to go to "0" volume when the mod wheel is "0", which sort of defeats the goal of CC01 being the only controller you need to control instrument volume/timbre. In earlier pieces, I've had to use volume envelopes to overcome the mod wheel deficiency on the non-X-custom instruments, which is really a pain.

Any suggestions? I figure there's something fundamental I don't know here.

Ah. I see HERE that I'm not the only one...