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Topic: An honest enquiry

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    An honest enquiry

    Hi All. I currently use EWQLSO Silver, Kontakt, Kompakt, GS 3.03 (Solo) with project SAM libraries but I'm always on the lookout to roundout my virtual orchestra. Does anyone out here use GPO with these aforementioned programs and if so, could they tell me what the strengths of the GPO have over the others?

    The one thing that REALLY impresses me is Mr. Garritan's respect for his customers. I've noticed that he's offered a substantial upgrade in the sounds for the GPO for no charge. That's quite admirable.

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    Re: An honest enquiry

    This questioned has been asked many times before and doing a search of the forum will give you a broad answer to your question.

    But I'll take a stab at it. GPO has many instruments that neither SAM brass or EWQLSO does. Both these libraries are exceptional, but there is never anything wrong with adding to your orchestral palette by adding instruments to your instrument pool.

    There are a lot of users that currently use GPO with both SAM brass and EWQLSO and those users use the strengths of each library to bring realism to the compositions and draw from each during the composition process. Some users also blend components of each to create fuller orchestrations. There are a lot of ways to mix and match these libraries depending on style and need.

    I would recommend that if you are pleased with the sound of the library and the user demos to invest in it. At the price and for what you get (realistic ensemble building capability, a very expressive solo woodwind, brass, and string library, etc. etc.) you can't go wrong.

    Of course, you get the support of this GPO community and Gary himself as well. Its a win win situation no matter how you slice it.

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    Re: An honest enquiry

    Thanks Joseph. I appreciate the feedback. There have been quite a few users demos on here that I have found excellent. I also scrolled through the Garritan GPO site and I was floored by how many professionals use this library. Definitely something to consider.


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