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Topic: GS 3.3 crashes on loading saved projects

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    Angry GS 3.3 crashes on loading saved projects

    Hi There:

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

    Intel P4 3.0, Gigabyte 81K1100 Rev 2, 2 gigs memory, HyperThread disabled.
    Standard XP tweaks. Memory preset 2. RME PCI card with Digiface and lastest driver. I think it 2.82.

    Should i de-install GS and re-install?

    Should I Gigaclean?

    Should I scratch and re-install XP

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    Re: GS 3.3 crashes on loading saved projects

    Not really a solution... but try various ways of opening the project. Like use the "recent opned documents" use "file-open-*your project*" and try drag the file into the instrument window.

    Also when does it crash? Immediately or after loading an aount of samples? Is it the same place it crashes every time? Can you open any projects at all?

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    Re: GS 3.3 crashes on loading saved projects

    By 'saved project' you mean a gsp performance file? Try creating a new, small one then loading it. Does that work? If you are having a crash loading a performance that had previously filled all your memory, maybe in the upgrade you lost a small amount of memory so that it now over-fills. Just ideas ... you can get a little more available memory by looking in your 'services' list and stopping a few system services (they'll restart next time you boot). Things like 'net awareness', etc, etc -- there are lots of them unless you've been strict about disabling services.

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    Re: GS 3.3 crashes on loading saved projects

    Hi There:

    Well Thank you. You are all incredibly kind for responding to me so quickly. I went to work after I posted hoping to acquire more information in response to some queries with my post. I reset the memory config to the check box of ORGINAL CONFIG. and so far my problems seem to have gone away. So thank you all very much.


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