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Topic: Portaudio error -9997 with GPO Studio/ASIO error - FIX

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    Portaudio error -9997 with GPO Studio/ASIO error - FIX

    Hello all,

    I came to this forum looking to find an answer to a fatal startup error I get using GPO Studio. A few other users seem to have had this too:

    Portaudio error (-9997): Invalid sample rate (ASIO DirectX driver) - Unable to initialise audio driver
    It looked at though GPO was unable to load it's current ASIO driver, or choosing the "wrong" one. I had a browse through my registry (quite safe if you change nothing!) using a search for "ASIO". The DirectX ASIO driver was first in the list, so I located it (it was installed by a copy of Cubsae) and renamed the dll to filename.dlx (or whatever). The next time GPO loads it ignores that ASIO setting and loads the next, so loaded OK. You can then choose the device you wish to use.

    No installing or reinstalling of anything required!

    You can even put back the offending ASIO DLL, but beware that the device list seems to be "dumb" in that is chooses a certain "slot" in the list, so adding a device back in will change the list contents, and therefore may change the selected device on the next load.

    Hope this is of help to somebody.

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    Very nice of you to post your findings! I am sure this will come in handy for someone sooner or later. Then again...that someone may be me!

    Nice work thanks for posting.

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    Re: Portaudio error -9997 with GPO Studio/ASIO error - FIX

    thank goodness i found this post i've been ripping my hair out uninstalling/reinstalling for the last 6 1/2 hours....

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    Re: Portaudio error -9997 with GPO Studio/ASIO error - FIX

    What works, works! So I don't disparage your success.

    But I think that the problem could have been corrected by opening GPO (stand alone), choosing file, setup, audio settings, and selecting your interface etc there. When I first began using GPO, and the invalid sample rate dumped on me, that is the route I took to fix it.


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    Re: Portaudio error -9997 with GPO Studio/ASIO error - FIX


    If GPO Studio Crashes at startup due to invalid sample rate, it is possible
    that your system is in a locked state, This is a known bug in GPO Studio 1.2, and it only occurs when GPO Studio is closed after a driver reported "invalid sample rate" and was left that way. (if you choose another driver which works before closing this bug doesnt occur)

    so the only solution is to delete the
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Garritan Personal Orchestra Studio\device
    key and restart the application.

    Sorry for the inconvenients.
    David Viens, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montreal. http://www.plogue.com

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    Re: Portaudio error -9997 with GPO Studio/ASIO error - FIX

    Well that worked, do I have to do that everytime?

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