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Topic: Composer Channel: status

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    Hey, guys.

    Haven't been on the forums as much lately between the holidays and just trying to get everything done. Thought I'd give you a quick peek at where we're at...

    We're currently working with around 180 songs / 12 hours of music that we're incorporating into shows with Deidre and Charlie. Those of you who have sent additional music, I'll be rolling that in on the next batch after we go live. And of course, we'll continually be adding new stuff, so there is no "deadline" to be included. If we don't catch you on one production cycle, we'll just include you on the next round.

    Our initial session in the studio was as much organizational and getting a feel for the wheel as anything. We have another session scheduled for the 12th, at which point we'll be prepared to kick out a lot of stuff for several shows. I suspect we'll need at least one more session, perhaps two, after that one to finish everything up, and then we're ready to take it live.

    The launch date will most likely be around mid to latter January. Scheduling sessions right now is of course a bit more difficult with everyone's holiday plans, but also I don't want the launch to get lost in the midst of the holiday noise. Going live after everyone has gotten back into the groove from the holidays will let us make a bigger splash to get folks attention. Bear in mind that, much like software releases, the launch date is nowhere near "set in stone", that's just a good guess as of this point. When all the preproduction work is 100% done, then I can give a 100% accurate launch date. But, things are going very well, and we're getting there!

    I've been getting nothing but enthusiastic feedback from everyone who's heard about the project, and I can't wait to put you guys in front of an audience of listeners who are excited about hearing fresh, new music from a talented community of creative creatures.

    So, that's the latest. I won't be posting as much over the next few weeks, as I'll be nose down trying to get things ready to go. However, keep sending in your music, it's getting processed even if you don't hear from me personally. And of course, if you need to reach me, there's always email and pm.

    I'll be back with more stories when there's more stories to tell. In the meantime, hope things are going well for everyone!
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: Composer Channel: status

    Thanks Christopher for the update on the station! Oh, and thanks for the coffee and danish, they were delish! Shhhhhhhhh!
    Nice to hear from you sir. Sir? What the heck!

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